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LTG People

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    Beatrice Alex
    Information extraction, multi- and mixed-lingual IE
    Kate Byrne
    Relation extraction, automatic ontology building, Semantic Web
    Jean Carletta
    methods for working with annotated corpora; structure of dialogue and group discussion
    Ben Hachey
    Text Mining, Information Extraction, Automatic Summarisation, Minimally Supervised NLP
    Amy Isard
    Natural Language Generation, Dialogue Systems
    Ewan Klein
    Information Extraction, Computational Semantics
    Neil Mayo
    Agents , emergence, query rewriting.
    Maria Milosavljevic
    Information Extraction (detecting named entities, properties, relations, events, comparisons), language generation, adaptive hypertext, learning technology, information integration
    Craig Nicol
    Development of tools for conversion to NXT, analysis of data and comparative analysis.
    Sebastian Riedel
    Statistical NLP, Higher Order Probabilistic Logic, Relation Extraction, Dependency Parsing