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Joint Action Science and Technology

JAST is an EU-funded integrated project that aims to develop jointly acting autonomous systems that communicate and work intelligently on mutual tasks in dynamic unstructured environments.

See the JAST project website. Edinburgh is most involved in two strands of the work.

The first is the human-human studies of joint action involving language. These studies involve collecting data using two eyetrackers that are wired together so that two subjects can perform a joint task. The Language Technology Group's role in the work is to make this experimental setup work, to set up a data path for transcription and discourse annotation of the captured dialogues using the NITE XML Toolkit, and to integrate data from the eyetracker and the discourse annotation into a coherent database for analysis.

The second is the development of human-robot dialogue systems that demonstrate principles of joint action found in the human studies. For this strand, the Language Technology Group is contributing to the dialogue systems effort.

Funding Agency

EU IST (Cognitive Systems)

Start Date: 01 October 2004
End Date: 30 September 2008
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